Read 1 Timothy 6:6-10

When is enough enough? Being a consumer-driven society, it seems we are always wanting more. The companies encourage us to be on a constant quest for bigger and better through their advertising campaigns. A new model of a cellular phone comes out and we must have it. The desire to obtain the new phone is not because our current one is not working, it is because we have convinced ourselves that we need the newest model. We are a people who are seldom content with what we have. We want more!

The writer in 1 Timothy addresses contentment. Contentment is linked with godliness. The reader is reminded that at our birth, we possessed nothing. Upon our death, any possessions of ours are left in the care of someone else. This leads to the instruction that if we have what we need for survival, we are to be content. A warning then follows. This warning is that the craving for more (an example of money being lifted up) will lead to ruin and destruction of one’s life.

When is enough enough? When we have the basics for our survival. A few questions may be helpful when determining if something is necessary.

1. If I do not have this, will I be unable to live my life?

2. Is there a functional need for this which cannot be provided by what I currently have?

3. Am I craving this because I have something missing in my

life? Is this the best way to meet that need?

You can add similar discernment questions of your own.

Heed the words of this passage. Be content with what you have been given for your survival. View anything you have obtained in addition as a blessing. Avoid becoming focused on obtaining even more.

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