Spiritual Thirst

Read John 7:37-44

There always seems to be some place on the planet where a drought is occurring. The level and the length of time may vary but the need for moisture is noticeable. Most living creatures not adapted for an arid climate need moisture of some form on a regular basis for survival. There are times when I seem to constantly be watering the plants  in our landscaping in order to keep everything alive. Science tells us that humans can go through longer periods of time without  food than we can without water in some form.

In today’s passage Jesus makes an offer to quench the thirst of anyone who comes to him. This thirst is not a physical one but instead it is a spiritual one. Not only does he promise to meet the spiritual thirst of people, he goes on to say that these individuals would be able to provide for the thirst of others. All of this is possible because the Spirit is the living water for all whose soul is thirsty.

An observant person can see that in the world today there is a great spiritual thirst. Just as the need existed when Jesus shared this invitation for his contemporaries, the people of our time have this great need. Everyone is searching for the one thing which will satisfy their thirst. Many attempt to fill the need with activity and possessions. Others use alcohol or drugs to eliminate the thirst. Still others may seek out cults and ethereal substances to overcome this drought in their lives.

The answer is found in what Jesus says in this passage. The Lord is the only one who can satisfy our thirst. As experienced in the Spirit, the living waters of Christ can flow in us and through us. We do not need to remain parched. When we receive what our soul pants for, we are able to share with others who are also thirsty.

Protect the Core

Read Proverbs 4:23

The Mississippi River is the second longest river in North America. It begins in northern Minnesota and flows south to the Gulf of Mexico, south of New Orleans. The origin of the river is Lake Itasca, a small glacial lake. Being a glacial lake, the water is cold and clear although as the Mississippi River flows south on its journey to the gulf, it acquires much of the sediment and objects flowing into it from tributaries and land on its path. Keeping the origin of the river free from contamination is an important goal of volunteers and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The verse chosen for today comes from the Book of Proverbs. This book of the Bible is a collection of wisdom sayings, many attributed to King Solomon of Israel. This particular verse makes reference to our hearts. Of course, the writer is not referring to our biological heart but instead is referring to the core and origin of our life. The wisdom here is to guard this core since it is the source of all which flows through and out of our lives. Keeping the core undamaged and free of contamination is important so we can experience and contribute positive aspects into our lives and the lives of others.

Like the people who strive to keep Lake Itasca healthy as the source of the great Mississippi River, we are charged in Proverbs to diligently keep our center of life healthy. The Mississippi River provides life to millions of humans and animals along its path and for hundreds of miles in each direction from its banks. Our heart does the same for all with whom we come in contact. Any contamination can and will have a negative impact. We must be mindful of any influence we allow on our hearts.