Wonderfully Created

Read Psalm 139:13-16

Anyone who has studied the human body must be amazed by it. All of the parts work and interact in a way which creates such synchronicity. Whether we examine how the body moves, the way food is digested for energy and cell building, or how the brain serves  to make life possible while creating all levels of thought, there is nothing haphazard about the creation of the body. The human body should cause each of us awe whenever we consider it.

The psalmist raises our awareness of this awe in the wards of Psalm 139. Credit for the creation of a human being is given to God. Not only the physical aspects of the human but the mental and spiritual components of the person are acknowledged as being made by God. The psalmist names the creation of the person as wonderful, made in a way that leaves an observer awestruck (fearful).

I encourage you to consider what it means to have been perfectly made in every detail. This perfection is not how humanity might define perfect but instead here meant there is purpose and meaning in every little detail of what and who we have been created to be. Ponder the truth that you have been “fearfully and wonderfully made” by the Almighty One. What you may see as imperfections and unworthiness are viewed by your Creator as exactly what should be for you to be you. God has been purposeful in making you just as you are. God deeply loves who you are.

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