A Nativity

This time of year we see many nativity sits in homes, churches, and some community settings. One of the aspects of these which demonstrates some biblical inaccuracies is the inclusion of the three wisemen since their arrival was years after Jesus’s birth. However, custom has always included these wisemen in the overall narrative and therefore, in our nativity sets.

Thomas Kincade, a celebrated United States artist, who is known for his exceptional use of light in paintings. has captured the scene of the nativity in a painting which he titled, The Nativity. Take a moment to view this painting here…

1. How has Kincade’s use of light enhanced your view of the


2. What seems unusual to you about this scene?

3. How does it differ, or capture, what is written in Matthew and Luke about Jesus’s birth?

4. Is there anything missing as you think about the scene?

5. How does this image make you feel about Jesus’s birth?

6. What do you think is the message which Kincade is trying to communicate in his painting?

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