Read 2 Timothy 2:11-13

When I was in college, I took a BASIC computer programming class. For those who are unaware, the name of the type of computer programming which we were learning was actually BASIC. The course taught us how to write rudimentary programs to guide the functioning of a computer. We created flow charts which had yes/no and if/then statements. These allowed us to achieve whatever end result we were expecting as long as we set it up correctly. After completing the flowchart, we entered the commands into the computer and tested it to see if we properly programmed the computer to complete our assigned task.

In the midst of a conversation where advice is being given by the author of 2 Timothy, the author writes a series of if/then  statements. The author indicates that these statements combined present a trustworthy saying. They speak of the connectedness between Christ and those who are followers of Christ. The first two statements present positive outcomes in the connection. The third is a relationship between our negative behavior and a negative result. The final statement is a contrast between an negative behavior and Christ’s positive behavior.

The author presents in this if/then series an image of the benefits of the  interconnectedness between Christ and us, his followers. What a comforting concept for us. Knowing that we share in all of Christ’s rewards is assuring. Even if we are unfaithful though, Christ remains faithful to our relationship. The only way this is broken is if we choose to disown Christ. Disowning means we reject all of which Christ offers.

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