Addressing Giants

Read 1 Samuel 17:1-11, 32-50

Life has the knack of throwing curve balls at us at times. There are things which spring upon us unexpectedly and we must decide how we are going to respond to them. Some people have the tendency to give more power and weight to these surprises than they deserve. This is what has led to the phrase, “making mountains out of mole hills.” However, there are times when difficulties are truly mountain-like. They become real giants in our lives which can hamper our forward progress. They can even threaten to overtake us.

Our passage today is a familiar story even outside religious circles. The story of the shepherd boy, David, challenging the great Philistinian warrior, Goliath, and beating him is told here. This story is quoted to illustrate that size does not guarantee or exclude victory. David had confidence that he could beat Goliath not because of his abilities or size but because the Lord would give him victory. This confidence was based upon his previous experiences as a shepherd boy overcoming a lion and a bear while protecting the sheep.

What or who are the giants in your life? How do you approach these giants? The story of David and Goliath emphasizes the importance of taking the Lord with you as you battle your life giants. The improbable victory obtained by David provides us the hope that we too can be victorious over the giants. Reliance on the Lord instead of anything which we may possess is the seed of our confidence. In partnership with God, we can achieve victories which alone would be elusive to us.

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